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PC running suspiciously slow?
Bloated with unknown files?
Getting strange errors?
Your antivirus can’t handle everything your PC needs to stay healthy.

That’s why we made SpyZooka.
American owned and based since 2004.

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See what’s really happening under the hood of your computer — and get rid of what’s slowing you down.

SpyZooka cleans your PC so it is fast, secure and error free by removing spyware, adware, unwanted programs, junk files from Windows, browsers plus third party programs, registry issues, unwanted tracking cookies plus many more security and performance features.

Computers worldwide are faster and more secure since 2004 because SpyZooka mastered the art of knowing which cookies and programs you DO want untouched, so you don’t have to reinstall them later.

“Is this an antivirus program?”

Glad you asked. Nope!

SpyZooka is NOT antivirus software. SpyZooka cleans the junk that accumulates while using your PC that causes it to move slower than a Galapagos tortoise. Customizable manual cleaning options for PC nerds or set it and forget it so you no longer have to deal with manual cleaning, annoying rating systems or figuring out what the wanted and unwanted programs are. Antivirus does not cover this.

Alongside your favorite antivirus program, SpyZooka is a valuable addition to clean, secure and speed up your PC.

SpyZooka earns the top seal of trust by being whitelisted and fully compatible with the 72 biggest antivirus companies, including: AVG, Avast, Adaware, Bitdefender, Comodo, Cyren, Cylance, Eset, GData, Malwarebytes, Mcafee, Norton, Palo Alto Networks, Webroot, Windows Defender and others.

We’ll never track you, sell your data, or show you ads

These days, either you buy a product… or you are the product. ????

Free software usually fills your computer with ads, bundles other software with it, or tracks everything you do on your computer in order to sell your data.

Simply put? We think that sucks.

SpyZooka doesn’t track your software usage, mouse movements or record anything you do on your computer. And you’ll never see ads, bundled software, adware, or spyware inside our software.

We use the same 256 bit encryption your bank uses to secure every page of our site. And after you leave our site, we won’t track you down or display ads to you.

We don’t sell your data or give it to anyone, because that would be incredibly lame.

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4 things about SpyZooka you should know

Founded in 2004 (remember the good ol’ days before Facebook?)

We’ve been obsessed with optimizing PC speed and experience since our tender college days. In 2004, we created SpyZooka: the malware-annihilating, speed-optimizing, privacy-protecting tool we’d always wanted. And then made a free version, because we’re nice like that.

Compatible with your antivirus software (duh)

There’d be no point in using SpyZooka if it borked your other programs. That’s why we make sure that every update plays nice with your other favorite tools, including your trusty antivirus software.

Supported by our friendly, customer-experience-obsessed team

If you ever need help with SpyZooka, getting support is as easy as shooting us an email or starting a live chat — no aggravating automated phone systems involved.

We’re constantly improving, and it’s all thanks to you

SpyZooka was founded by one passionate entrepreneur and one die-hard PC nerd in 2004. We’ve never lost our passion for creating great software — and we depend on feedback from our users to continually make us better.

Meet Our Founders

We’re Carl Haugen and Bogdan Necula. We’re self-proclaimed, die-hard PC nerds with a passion to create great software. We founded SpyZooka Technologies in 2004, and we get better every year thanks to our amazing customers.

  • Carl Haugen

“People First”

“Like most good business ideas, the idea for SpyZooka came from a problem I was having.

If you’re reading this, it’s a problem you can probably relate to. The year was 2004, and I got a nasty spyware infection. My computer was as slow as molasses, popupsappeared constantly and no matter what I tried, nothing worked to fix it.

Even the so-called top software at the time was worthless.

Instead of chucking my computer out the window, I decided to team up with some brilliant coders to create software that actually works. But I didn’t stop there. I knew that a great product would only be part of the equation. We would also have to offer world-class customer support.

Even back in 2004 when I started, my vision for SpyZooka PC Cleaner was always simple. And crystal clear. People first.

And it’s people -from the experts on our team to our valued customers -who have helped us grow, and become better and better every year.

We don’t rely on venture capitalists for our funding. The only people we need to impress are our employees and our customers. It’s people who drive us every day to continually improve SpyZooka so that everyone can have a clean, secure and fast PC.”

  • Bogdan Necula, M.S.

“Securing and Optimizing Your Computer is My Passion”

“That may sound like a strange passion to have, but it’s something I’ve felt from a young age. My passion started when I
was was only 13 years old. And like many teens, I loved computer games.

In fact, I loved them so much that playing them wasn’t enough so Idecided to code my own game. And the rest is history. The deeper I dove into gaming, the more interested I became in making computers faster and more secure.

I continued with my passion in graduate school. My focus was the detection and removal of rootkits, which is the most difficult malware created. I learned how bad guys get your data and hack into your computer, and more importantly, how to prevent it. We’ve been in business since 2004 and we’ve never had a data breach.

As manager of the SpyZooka programming department, I make sure we spend as long as it takes to do things right. We apologize when we’re wrong. And if something breaks, we fix it.

If you ever find a bug and let us know, we’ll extend your SpyZooka Ultimate subscription by double the amount of time it takes us to fix the bug!

My goal is making your computer as fast, clean and secure as my computer is!”

Here’s how SpyZooka PC Cleaner continually improves our software

24/7 in-house testing environment

Our automated testing finds and fixes bugs in SpyZooka before the next version is released. Every month, we release new and improved versions!

Anonymous worldwide bug reporting

SpyZooka anonymously reports bugs from computers worldwide. If your version reports a bug, we fix it faster than you can say “Ew, gross, a bug!” And of course, you can turn off anonymous bug reporting anytime.

Laser focus on simplicity

Our ultimate goal is helping your computer run faster and more securely while making SpyZooka even easier to use. Your feedback, questions, comments and user testing help ensure we meet this goal for you.

Our code

SpyZooka is coded by us, we don’t outsource or rebrand someone else’s code.

Get help from real humans if and when you need it

SpyZooka customer support comes from friendly, knowledgeable U.S.-based employees whose goal is to do everything possible to help you. We don’t outsource support to other companies, countries, or chatbots.

Real people are here for you every day. Get in touch with support through email or live chat, and we’ll help solve your problem as quickly as we can, including remote support at your request.

See why customers choose SpyZooka PC Cleaner

It runs faster after SpyZooka!

SpyZooka came highly recommended by the IT guy that assists our football team. I have trusted it the last several years and my old and I mean old lap top is still running fine and I notice it runs faster after a good SpyZooka cleaning.

  • James

Their support is great…

I’ve had multiple different protection programs in the past. SpyZooka is the first time when I’ve contacted one of them they reached out back to me and took the time to help and solve my issue. Their support is great if you ever need it.

  • Andy Davies

SpyZooka customer since 2016

I had an issue (from my own misunderstanding) that was resolved almost instantly. Amazing because it was like getting a reply to an email from a friend. They then gave me a refund credit which I was not expecting. I have been a SpyZooka customer since 2016 and am exceptionally satisfied with the product as well as their customer service!

  • Kenny

What sets us apart from the competition

Sure, there are plenty of disk utilities and cleaners out there. And we’ll be the first to admit that many of our competitors are great companies making great products.

But others are shady, profit-obsessed firms that inflate their revenue by making their software difficult to use, with fewer useful features and more bugs.

Here are a few of the tactics our competitors rely on that we DON’T use (because they’re gross and you deserve better):

  • Presenting “phone support” or a free remote computer diagnosis as an option for users — where once you get past the automated phone system, you end up talking to a commission-based rep who use highly scripted scare tactics to upsell you costly and often unnecessary remote support services for $200+.
  • Rebranding someone else’s code with limited or complicated features to increase support calls to their commission based reps selling you more remote support services after you’ve already purchased their software.
  • Route support calls to an outsourced company — sometimes in the U.S. and sometimes in another country.
  • Bundling software, upsells and advertising other companies software on your computer.
  • Tracking all your mouse movements, tracking websites you visit, how you use the software and other privacy invading issues on your computer to sell you more stuff.

We don’t sell remote support services, bundle software, or outsource customer support. With SpyZooka, what you see is what you get. And what you get is a powerful, simple tool that helps keep your computer running fast while protecting your privacy.

Blast away spyware, tracking cookies, junk files, registry issues and more to secure and speed up your PC.

  • For Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. Both 32 and 64 bit systems.
  • Compatible with your antivirus and your other software.
  • Wanted programs, files, folders and cookies remain untouched.
  • No ads or bundled software. Ever.
  • Does the work Windows and your antivirus software doesn’t!


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