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What SpyZooka Will Do For You


Customer Satisfaction


Faster Startup 


More Disk Space


Tracking Cookies Removed


Daily Spyware Updates

In-Depth optimization gives your PC new life

SpyZooka cleans, secures and speeds up your PC using methods antivirus and Windows don’t offer.

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Remove 55 types of junk files, tracking cookies, spyware and registry issues.

100% Unwanted Program Removal With AI

Feeling like your computer is under siege? Annoying ads, sluggishness, and unresolvable errors? Since 2004, SpyZooka has been the solution to this common problem.

Let SpyZooka tackle your unwanted programs or use our Malware AI feature to report them. Your report is swiftly analyzed and integrated into SpyZooka’s spyware database within 24 hours, ensuring 100% removal of unwanted programs or your money back.

Enhanced by AI, this system evolves continuously. Soon all unwanted programs will be intercepted before they can even access your computer.

Speeds Up Your Computer And Internet

Programs run silently in the background slowing down your computer and internet. SpyZooka’s Optimizer makes it easy to speed up your computer and internet by disabling programs that startup in Windows, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Internet Explorer.

Get peak level performance from your gaming PC

Maximize FPS (frames per second) and free up system resources

You need a performance enhancing utility to keep your computer at peak performance. SpyZooka goes beyond Windows built in game mode and gives you that extra advantage to win.

Prevent Future Errors and Security Issues


At times, program installers or the Windows operating system itself can encounter corruption issues, rendering it impossible to remove a program. SpyZooka’s Uninstaller comes to the rescue by effectively uninstalling programs that Windows cannot remove.

Uninstalls 100% of leftover files

Did you know that when you uninstall a program, you’re often left with unwanted files and registry keys on your computer? Now you can automatically remove 100% of leftover files with SpyZooka’s Uninstaller.

Software Updater

Out of date software is a leading cause of malware, errors and decreased performance. Software Updater constantly checks for new software releases for all software installed on your computer helping you maintain a secure and efficient system.

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Trusted Since 2004

Since 2004 computer novices, experts and small businesses worldwide trust SpyZooka to secure and optimize their PC.


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  • Registry Cleaner
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  • Software Updater
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  • Monthly Software Updates
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